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The strength of CryptoTower

CryptTower is the next generation distributed exchange (DEX). The user can decrypt the secret key by himself It manages and has a mechanism of trace stress that all transaction history is recorded on the block chain. Also, by enabling trading between different block chains. We will provide you with opportunities to touch various crypto currencies.

High Security with Distributed (DEX)

Since the user manages private keys and assets, there is no risk of hacking outflow of funds.
Also, since all transactions are managed on the block chain, data falsification is also prevented.

Stable system operation

Since all transactions are managed on the block chain, there is no system down or communication failure due to access concentration.
You can execute transactions with confidence.

Transactions by open token

It is possible to exchange with different block chain currency by adopting Gateway technology by open token.
The corresponding currency will continue to be added.